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Most commonly materials used in construction of balls are listed below.

The information given below is just as a reference and educating, but Ronin Exports Private Limited can accept no responsibility for the information. Normal screening process should be used before any material is selected for its use.

- Polyester
- Nylon
- Cotton
- Polyurethane -PU
- Polyvinylchloride - PVC
- Natural rubber
- Synthetic rubber
- Genuine Leather

This is name of both the fabric and synthetic fibers. Polyester is produced by the polymerization of the product formed when an alcohol and organic acid reaction takes place. Polyester is mostly used fibre of all the manufactured fibers. It is second after cotton in use. It is mostly blended with cotton, rayon or other synthetics fibres.

It is a synthetic polyamide fibre. Polyamide is the basic fiber-forming substance for nylon and the polymerized is the product of alcohols and acids. Polyamide is also the European term for nylon. Nylon is one of the strongest fibers. Quick-drying nylon fabric is naturally hydrophobic and resistant to shrinkage and wrinkling.

Cotton is a natural vegetable fibre obtained from specific breed of plants. Cotton is mostly tropical in origin but is now cultivated worldwide. It is cut at different lengths to form different types of cotton. It has been spun, woven, and dyed since prehistoric times. Cotton is soft, breathable, durable and absorbent. It wears and washes well and helps hold colors well after repeated washing. Cotton is a popular fabric worn by people with sensitive skin as it allows the skin to breathe.

Polyurethane (PU) is a thermoplastic polymer of urethane - a manmade fiber or thermoplastic resin.

Poly vinyl chloride (PVC) is a synthetic thermoplastic polymer of vinyl chloride. It is a colorless solid with outstanding resistance to water, alcohols, and concentrated acids and alkalies

Rubber is an elastic hydrocarbon polymer which occurs as a milky emulsion (known as latex) in the sap of a number of plants but can also be produced synthetically. The natural rubber is obtained from the rubber tree, especially Hevea Brasiliensis and Ficus. The natural rubber dispersed in water is known as Latex.

The more than one dozen major classes of synthetic rubber are made of raw material derived from petroleum, coal, oil, natural gas, and acetylene. Many of them are copolymers, i.e., polymers consisting of more than one monomer. By changing the composition it is possible to achieve specific properties desired for special applications.

Leather is defined as animal skin that has been chemically modified to produce a strong, flexible material with the ability to resist decay. The chemical process of converting perishable skins and hides into a stable substance that does not putrefy, is called tanning.

Difference between the terms ‘Hide’ and ‘Skin’:
- Hide' means the skin of cattle or bovine or large animals such as cow, buffalo etc
- The term "skin" is used for that of smaller animals such as goats, sheep and calves.


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