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The manufacturing of sports balls in Ronin Exports Private Limited has become a specialized business over the years as competition and quality being at the top. There are many quality control procedures involved and quality control measures taken at Ronin to manufacture high quality sports balls. Skipping the details, only overview is given here for the common understanding.

Tech Packs Preparation & Production Order
The product spec sheets are prepared of each order by quality assurance department along with the help of export, production and R & D departments. The tech packs deal comprehensively with the production of products and serve as a vital tool in planning, controlling and coordinating different operation of the company.

The production order is issued after getting order confirmation, finalizing technical details with the customer and tech packs preparation.

Material Selection & Procurement

Top priority is given on material selection and procurement. Different variants of material are used in ball manufacturing. Our competent purchase department is always in search of best available options for ball materials The raw material is directly purchased from the manufacturers. The material is carefully selected to ensure uniform thickness, weight, right contents and minimum flaws. The purchase department always keeps close look on latest materials and innovations in the market to get newest and finest material for production. Material Storage

At the time arrival of all kinds of material, it goes through the quality control tests and inspections. The material is systematically and safely stored in the store after passing the strict initial checking.

After the issuance of material for production, first the synthetic leather rolls are cut in specific sizes. The fabric and synthetic leather sheets are bonded with latex rubber which contains anti mildew agents to prevent the growth of mildew. Each layer of laminated sheets is checked for thickness and adhesiveness to get proper weight and control of sports balls. Dryness

The fabric and synthetic leather laminated sheets are kept in drying hall in specific environment for at least 48 hours. The natural dryness in sun or in drying hall is preferred. The dryness and adhesiveness of laminated sheets are again checked before cutting process.

The cutting of laminated sheets is performed on cutting press with the help of cutting dyes. Special techniques are followed in this process to get equal thickness and weight proportions of the individual panels. This gives balance and uniform bounce to the ball. The cut panels in the pentagonal, hexagonal or rectangular shapes are stacked and checked for size regularity. The defective panels of balls are sorted out. The remaining panels are bundled and are now ready for printing.


The panels of balls are now silk screen printed according to the designs and logos approved by the customer. The colour mixing and matching is very technical job and our technicians are highly trained and experienced in this field. The long life quality printing ink keeps the face of ball intact for long time after extended play. The printed panels are checked against defects of printing and passed panels are bundled together with bladder to check the weight of unstitched ball. Stitching

The balance of ball requires consistent pressure of every stitch as different pressure applied on stitches changes the shape of ball. Our hardworking and dedicated stitching workers sew together the different panels of balls and give it the shape, strength and design which customers want to see. The strongest threads are used and the double knot technique of stitching is applied to get required shape and to prevent the teething of the surface and thread on the ball. The thread is coated with seam sealant that prevents water and mud to penetrate into the seams of the ball or to damage the inner surface of ball. This makes our sports balls available for many games with optimum weight, shape and movement control over it. In all of our production operations, including stitching of ball, there is no child labour, forced labour or any other form of exploitation. Final Inspection

The sports balls goes through many inspection points, during and after production, which ensure top quality, smooth production and on time delivery of balls to customers. A final inspection is carried out before packing and different checking techniques are applied to control quality.

The sports and sports balls are packed in strong cartons to withstand the stress of journey. The printing or marking, handling instructions on inner carton, if any, outer cartons and poly bags are neatly carried out.
There is variety of material available for packaging solution. The sports balls are packed systematically to ensure safety and correct quantity of goods in the packages. The requirements of each customer are met for the packing, printing and selection of packaging material.

Now sports balls are ready for shipment. Our shipping and export department efficiently arranges the movement of shipment and prepares documents required for the shipment of goods. There is systematic checklist of documents and instructions, given in tech packs, against each order which enable them to follow the order requirement. The export department keeps the customer up to date about all the progress in this regard.

Customer Satisfaction
Our satisfied customers don’t give us time to be idle and we are ever ready for their next orders.















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